Monday, June 20, 2011

5 Reasons Why I Post 5 Times Per Day

A lot of people (i.e. more than 2) have asked me recently why I post so damn much on my blog. Well, here is a list of five reasons why I post 5 times per day (or more) on my blog.

"a compass was there to get you thinking"

1. I work at a desk job where I have to generate, debug, and run computer code all day. Hence, I have a lot of time on my hands.

2. Some people think that everything that they write is worthy of the Pulitzer. I however, don't think that my stuff is that good. So, I try to make up in volume what I lack in quality.

3. I am vain. I like to see people visiting my blog. As the chances of this are increased greatly if I have lots of posts, I write more blog entries.

4. Somehow, I keep finding tons of content every day that I want to "borrow" from other internet sites. When I stop finding good content, I'll stop writing so much.

5. Because I can.

Seriously though, if you have a blog (like me) that you're semi-serious about and you're not posting at least twice per day, your blog isn't going to generate any long term traffic. Think about it this way: of all the news stories (essentially like blog posts) and how-to articles you've read online in the past 6 months, how many of them have you read twice?

Hell, I don't even read my entries twice usually, and I write them!

If you aren't constantly generating new content, your audience has moved on and found another website to surf.

So, bloggers, write more content.

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