Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photos of Anthony Weiner's Wife: Huma Abedin

Unless you were living under a rock for most of early June, 2011, you heard something about the Anthony Weiner "Penisgate" scandal where Mr. Weiner tweeted out via Twitter pictures of his penis underneath a pair of underwear to women he had met on the internet. The part of the story that you may not have heard too much about is the effect that Anthony Weiner's actions had on his wife: Huma Abedin. So, I decided to look online and see if I couldn't find some pictures of Abedin, so that my audience could judge for themselves whether a cyber affair was worth the risk of losing her.

What I found, at least in my opinion, points to a physically very attractive girl that should have been more than enough to satisfy Weiner's sexual lust. But, I will let you judge for yourselves.

1. Huma Abedin: Magazine article photo:

Just ignore the old crow to the right :)

2.  Huma Abedin: Closeup

3. Huma Abedin: Face shot

4. Huma Abedin: Couple photo

5.  Huma Abedin: Airplane

Now, before I get a bunch of comments saying stuff like, "Abedin is ugly compared to (blank Victoria's Secret model)," let's compare her instead to something more realistic -- say the girls that you PERSONALLY know and date. Compared to them, is she good enough to get your rocks off? For me, the answer is an easy yes. But, what do you think?
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  1. Yeah, or at least he thinks with his weiner too much.

  2. Sure, she's smokin'. Doesn't mean she likes to 'F'. She DID work for Hil-Rod afterall.

  3. Okay, I admit that it's possible that she didn't put out that much, but I still find that one hard to believe too. First off, considering how horny the guys is, I don't think he would have married her unless she put out a lot before they were married (oh wait -- they waited until marriage :D) Also, they're still in the first year of their marriage. So, it's not like they have 5 kids or something and they just can't get around to it anymore. Honestly, they should have been like little bunny rabbits every minute that they were together.

    So, even while it's POSSIBLE that she didn't put out, I don't think it's LIKELY.

  4. She is one REALLY nice looking woman. Why in the hell she got herself mixed up with the slime of slime named Anthony Weiner is beyond me.

  5. The only thing you can say in her defense is that she's skinny. Look at that closeup. Her facial features are totally messed up. She looks like she had down syndrome.

  6. The magazine photos don't show her face accurately, all magazine spreads are photoshopped to make the subjects more attractive. The second photo is a more realistic shot of her face, which is maybe a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Granted, Weiner's is a negative 600 on a scale of 1 to 10...

    It is mean to call her ugly (which she is not) in light of what she has been put through, but it is also disingenuous to call her pretty (which she is not). She is merely OK looking in the face. Not bad, not great. Not really worth discussing either way.

    I wish people would not reduce her to her looks, she is so much more than that. She is an intelligent and poised woman and a helluva a lot smarter than her husband.



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