Sunday, June 26, 2011

Looking to Exchange Spots on Blog Roll

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I am currently looking to exchange spots on the blog roll of my blog with a similar blog with complimentary subject matter and reasonable traffic. While I am not too picky about what blogs I exchange with, I do have a few requirements:

1. Your blog must generate at least 100+ visitors per day: My blog is currently sitting at about 200-300 visitors per day, and I am planning to increase that as time goes on. So, to be worth my while, your blog needs to have at least 100 visitors per day -- with more being better.

2. The subject matter must be complimentary: Even though I do appreciate all of the hard work that mommy bloggers or makeup tutorial bloggers put into their sites, I am not sure how interested their visitors are going to be in visiting my site. By design, my site tends to appeal to the male crowd, probably in the 15-45 range, with a sprinkling of other demographics thrown in because of the entertainment news and the animal videos. So, please appeal to that demographic.

3. YOU CANNOT BE A SPLOGGER: I felt like I had to put that one in all caps because I really need to emphasize it. Every so often, I will get someone from the Far East (like Indonesia or the Philippines) that wants to exchange blog roll listings with me. When I go to check out their website, the whole thing is a massive advertisement with very little original (or even good) content. If this describes your website, don't bother.

4. You must have the blog roll prominently displayed on your site: My blog roll is pretty far up the side bar on my site. I don't think it's fair to exchange with someone who has their blog roll shoved in the corner of their site somewhere.

5. You must have less than 20 links on your blog roll OR you must have it automatically update to list the blogs that have recently posted at the top: Again, as my blog roll updates to place the most recent entries at the top and it only shows five entries at a time, I think it's unfair to exchange with someone who has 150 blog roll entries and mine is shoved somewhere near the bottom.

6. You must post to your blog regularly: I want some blogs with constant new content in my blog roll. If you only write an entry once every few months or so, it's not going to add anything to my blog content-wise.

If you meet all of these requirements and you're interested in exchanging places on blog rolls, please either leave a comment below or find me on Twitter @futuretwitblog. Thanks.
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