Saturday, August 1, 2009

Henry Gates: rememberance of arrests past


A simple beer summit with President Obama at the White House can't erase the great national embarrassment involving Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. And in case you try to forget about it and move on, don't bother. Gates has plans of stirring up memories of his arrest a year from now, five years from now, ten years . . .

Well you get the point.

Anyway beer summits are not in his plans as this future twitter entry reveals. Neither seeking peace with his newfound enemies.

Twitter entires from Henry Louis Gates Jr on July 31st, 2010:

@BlackHarvardScholar: In preparation for my upcoming documentary, I have decided to let users twitter me with devestating examples of racial profiling and discrimination from their lives.

@Pantherforever: Can we pre-order now?

@BlackHarvardScholar: As we all know and remember a year later (and Jesse, Al, the news media, and myself will always remember) I was violently attacked in my home.

@EbonyPrincess36-24-36: Ain't that the truth!

@BlackHarvardScholar: My attacker -- a white, racist, nigga-hating member-of-the-KKK police officer with ties to extremist organizations and a history of violence against us black people.

@Pantherforever: Amen, brother!

@BlackHarvardScholar: As I remember it, I was peacefully sitting in my home (after breaking into it) when a racist, skinhead, white cop with a tattoo of a swastika on his forehead kicked down the door and demanded to see my identification.

@EbonyPrincess36-24-36: I remember when one of them whiteys wanted to see the junk in my trunk. I felt so objectified!

@BlackHarvardScholar: After I meekly handed him my identification, he informed me that he didn't accept identification from “negros” because they all lied and raped white women.

@Preacherman: Not true at all. White women have a natural attraction to us.

@BlackHarvardScholar: His white, racist, homicidal, police officer friends then arrived, hand cuffed me, and took turns hitting, kicking, and tasering me while I was helpless on the ground.

@Pantherforever: Those bastard honkeys!

@BlackHarvardScholar: At one point, I started crying and begging for mercy, but white, racist officer Crowley responded by kicking me in the stomach several times and urinating on my face.

@EbonyPrincess36-24-36: Sounds like my last date . . .

@BlackHarvardScholar: They then hauled me out the door in handcuffs and arrested me on a charge of disorderly conduct. They then managed to fabricate testimony from other police officers (including those damn “Uncle Tom” traitors) that I was being combative and even convinced the white, racist neighbor to fake a call to 9-1-1.


@MarshallFamOhio: Can we make a contribution? We weren't profiled by police, but we were attacked and beaten by a mob of black teenagers screaming “black power”, etc. Does this count?

@BlackHarvardScholar: Go to hell, whitey! You are the sum total of everything evil and wrong about this world!

Death to all white people



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