Monday, June 20, 2011

Dumb Blonde's Solution to Global Warming

Every time I see videos like this one, I ask myself if someone can really be this dumb. I think that the unfortunate answer is yes, as this dumb blonde proves beyond doubt. Watch as this blonde girl gives her stupid solution to the problem of global warming.

Blonde Solution To Global Warming - Watch more Funny Videos

Okay, here are a few points that I find disturbing about what this dumb blonde had to be thinking in order to make this comment.

1. She must not realize how big the earth is and that the human population on earth covers only about 1 percent of its surface.

2. She must not have any concept of thermodynamics, which would tell her that air conditioners actually GENERATE heat in a closed system. The earth is not exactly a closed system, but the overall effect would still be to generate heat, not remove it from the system.

3. She must not realize how fast the cold air (even forgetting #2 for a second)would be dissipated if left outdoors and subject to conduction and convection without walls insulating it.

Good showing girl.
 Dumb Blonde Black Girl: Memoirs of Nicole McGill
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