Thursday, June 2, 2011

Small scale office revolutions

So far in 2011, we have seen despots successfully removed from power in exotic locales like Tunisia and Egypt. Of course, similar uprisings have failed in Libya, Syria and Yemen. But seeing a dictator run out of town is inspiring to an unidentified segment of people worldwide.

We're talking about those pencil-pushing cogs trapped in cubicles in corporate offices worldwide. Perhaps you've grown weary of writing endless reports and fixing jams in the copier. Maybe, you've reached your breaking point after seeing your health insurance plan go out the window just as you scheduled that bicep enhancement surgery. You want to push your boss out a window and hear him scream as he crashes down on his new Lexus below.

We know the feeling. We've all been there. Instead of getting violent, get creative to exact your revenge.

You can order fun items like ceramic mugs or personalized note pads inscribed with the motto of your office-based revolution and distribute them to your co-workers. It is a nice touch and it will build your base of support in no time.

Just remember when you finally depose your boss from his autocratic power to remember the people who aided your rise to power. Give them a nice Christmas bonus and order them some nice swag from Amsterdam Printing to show that you are a benevolent office ruler.

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