Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review of Microsoft Word 2010 Blog Post Feature

I am actually writing this post, for the first time, on Microsoft 2010. I think that I really like this feature of Word. First off, I notice that it is possible to directly publish to my Blogger account through the "Publish" button under the "Blog Post" menu in the toolbar. This is a nice feature and will save me some hassle from having to copy and paste the text from Word over to the Blogger text editing window. It's a small convenience, but every little bit helps.

The second thing that pops out at me is how much easier it is to edit blog entries using the Word interface than it is to use the Blogger interface. The next features I want to test are whether Word will correctly interpret html code, say from an embedded Youtube video. Here is my test case, which is a kitten falling down a few stairs:

I am a little disappointed that Word doesn't seem to have a built in java interpreter. I will have to see if the video renders correctly when I publish it or not.

The second thing that I want to check is whether pictures are correctly embedded in posts. So, I go over to Flickr and find some pictures of kittens . . .




It looks like I will have to insert the pictures later, through the Blogger interface, because the Word interface doesn't allow me to insert pictures from a website (which is crazy in this age of hyperlinking pictures).

So, overall, I would give the Word Blog Post feature a very marginal rating. I think that it's good for someone who is going to write a long text based article and needs a lot of formatting to make the text look nice. However, in terms of multimedia support, I would give Word a very marginal grade. There is no support for hyperlinking images and no support for java script so that movies, etc. can display real time during the editing process. However, the "Publish as Draft" feature under the "Publish" menu is nice, but it's still only nice because it means that I have a chance to fix my posts before putting them on the internet, which is something I should be able to do OUTSIDE of the blogger interface.

Final analysis: I won't use this feature, unless I am writing a long, text based article. 
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