Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny Video: 6 Types of Girls You Date in College

My Favorite GirlsImage by ShaneRobinson via Flickr
Have you ever wondered what kinds of girls you'll date in college? Do you ever wonder what your girlfriends from college will be like? Well, College Humor provides you with some much needed information, via this instructive video.

So, according to college humor, there are 6 types of girls that you'll date in college: the athlete, the partier, the pretty one, the religious one, your best friend, and the perfect one. Watch the video to find out what is wrong with each of those girls and how you'll manage to screw things up.

I think that my favorite girl out of the bunch is the religious one. I have met a few girls in my life with repressed sexual urges courtesy of their childhood faith, and they are even stranger than the girl in the College Humor video. Out of all the girls in the video, you probably want to stay away from them above all else.
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  2. OMG, what a blog, here we can check it out (6 types of girls whom we date) in life.

  3. this is very helpful for me there are 6 types of girls that you'll date in college. As i have a girlfriends in my collage we love each other very much.



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