Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PLANKING!!!!! (parody) -- Video and Commentary

The girls from the ijustine who made this Youtube parody video satirizing the popular phenomenon of planking, where people take pictures of themselves laying in weird, often public places with their arms straight against their sides. Sound weird?

Well, it's the newest internet craze (with thousands posting pictures of planking on Facebook and other social media websites). Watch here as these hot girls make a mockery of the internet phenomenon known as planking.

All I can say after watching this video is that the one girl is really hot (and the other isn't bad). I would "plank" her in a heartbeat.

If you liked this video by them, they have a few more funny videos that I plan to post with commentary, including one about internet dating.

Give me some feedback on what you think of planking: cool, dangerous, or overrated?
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