Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Music -- Nice Guys Acoustic (Funny)

I found this hilarious new song on Youtube today talking about sometimes, when you're dating the wrong type of girl, it's better to be a jerk than a nice guy because "nice guys finish last".

I think that the song and video are both pretty well done. I would have enjoyed some cut scenes in the video of a guy and girl in this type of relationship, but I'm guessing that the guys who put this video together were operating on a limited budget. For example, a scene of a guy refusing to hold the door for a girl and her being attracted to the guy because he did that would have been especially appropriate.

Although I appreciate the sentiment in this video, all I have to say is this: guys, if you ever meet a girl who actually likes you MORE because you treat her like crap, RUN (or make out with her first and then run). Trust me, those are NOT the type of girls you want to bring home to momma.
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