Thursday, July 29, 2010

War on Sucky Twitter: Part 2

Twitter logo initialImage via Wikipedia
All ten of my parallel accounts on Twitter were blocked yesterday. In case you didn't read my first post in the war on Twitter, I have been trying to 'wage war' on Twitter to bring them down and make people realize exactly how stupid they are. Failing that, I'm at least trying to find a way to make the idiotic service useful in promoting my blog on making money from it.

I guess that I more or less expected them to block my accounts at some point on Twitter. I didn't try very hard to hide the fact that I had parallel accounts. I created them with sequential throwaway emails that I created in Yahoo (keithb006 - keithb015), "tweeted" to all of the accounts at the same time using "Multitweet" (or something like that), and even had a link to this blog on ALL of the accounts. Still, I didn't think that they would ban the account THAT fast.

So, my thoughts on Twitter so far: Twitter sucks royally! Basically, Twitter has taken the idea of a chat room from the old days of the internet and expanded it out so that, instead of you shouting things out to 200 people that don't care, you can now shout things to millions that they don't care about! Makes you feel special, huh? Sucky!

I'll keep my readers updated on how my war on Twitter is going. I think that I"m going to try a combination of "backdoor" and "obnoxious spamming" tactics for the next part of my war against Twitter.

Just remember: Twitter sucks and I hate Twitter.

Cute cowgirl :

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some thoughts on Racism and Illegal Immigration

Cinco De Mayo, fifth of MayImage by Beverly & Pack via Flickr

Here were some thoughts I had in response to the story link above:

All of the racists are buzzing again, just like every time a story about Mexico, illegal immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, or pretty much anyone who is "non-white" (non-pink?) gets published on the internet.

To all racists: look, we all know that you have had your golden age for the last few hundred years or so. Europe developed early technologically, they invaded a few countries, took some slaves, stole resources from others, and generally had a few good laughs. But, times are changing now. The rest of the world, especially the countries seen as "non-white", are starting to catch up now. Even in your beloved United States, Latinos, blacks, Asians, even Muslims are starting to catch up to whites in terms of population, economic status, and political power. Whites should learn to be nicer to these groups, particularly to the "illegal immigrants" (i.e. desperately poor people who come to work to avoid starvation) because these groups will be in charge in 40 years.

Look, I know that change is hard. You're so used to walking out of the door and seeing only people who look, act, and think very similar to how you do in life. However, change is coming.

Pretty Latina Dancing:

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Margarito el muñeco de verdad

Desde siempre, este videos es uno de mis favoritos. Mi parte favorita es cuando Margarito le dice a la familia "quieránme" Aunque es un video viejo, es un clasico de youtube¡Me encanta Margaritito, el muñeco de verdad!

So, this is one of my favorite videos of all time in Spanish. If you don't understand Spanish, you can still watch the video and have some laughs from it. If you do understand Spanish (at least enough to watch the video, the Margarito video is insanely funny! Enjoy!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Youtube Funny Videos -- Boyfriend and Shamho

I decided to post a couple more funny videos from Youtube for my audience to enjoy -- Boyfriend and Shamho from Totally Sketch. If you've ever watched their videos, they're basically a variation of College Humor and all of the other Youtube video producers that use a combination of sex and humor to get hits. As far as Youtube video producers go, they're one of the better ones. About a third of their videos are funny, about half are something akin to very light soft core porn, and the rest involve that retard Shane Dawson (and they royally suck). I've decided to post two that I think are the best -- Boyfriend and Shamho. Leave me some comments to let me know what you think.

1. Boyfriend by Totally Sketch:

2. Shamho (parody of Shamwow) by Totally Sketch:

3. Original Shamwow commercial for comparison:

Does Totally Sketch live up the the hype, or do they suck? Are Boyfriend and Shamho funny or overrated? What do you think of Shane Dawson?
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Monday, July 19, 2010

BYU Parody of Old Spice - New Spice

Old Spice shower gel and deodorantImage via Wikipedia
BYU humor video "New Spice" video -- a parody of the viral video "Old Spice" video where a BYU student is studying at the Harold B. Lee library. I've put the BYU New Spice video at the top and the original Old Spice Man video at the bottom for comparison. Do you think that the team from BYU did a good job with their parody?

The BYU New Spice

The Original Old Spice video:

As a note, the BYU video team does some really good work with advertising videos. I've already included one, the BYU Doritos guardian video on the website. If anyone knows of other videos by the BYU video team, please let me know.

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10 hottest Non Nude Mexican Girls Online

Because posts like this are so popular (and account for so much of my traffic, like the homage that I did to hot anime girls ), I decided to do another post with PG pictures of hot girls -- only this time hot Mexican girls. I'll probably send out a couple of links to it on and, get some pageviews, and get the site, and the pictures, indexed into the search engines. But, for all of the guys out there, this will be your opportunity to see 10 hot Mexican girls -- all in the same place, all free! Of course, you could just as easily look up hot Mexican girls through Google, but you're too lazy for that, aren't you?

1. Hot Mexican girl in white bikini.

You'd have to be gay to not like her, not that there's anything wrong with that.

2. Hot Mexican girl waiting in bed for you . . .


. . . or more likely for her boyfriend/husband, both of whom can kick your ass.

3. Hot Mexican girl in a red dress

She doesn't date guys who look, act, or work for as little money as you.

4. Hot Mexican girl in a short skirt and halter top

She can break a pinata between her legs, or so I hear ;)

5. Hot Mexican Girl against the wall

You don't know it, but she's the only thing keeping that wall from falling down.

6. Hot Mexican girl dressed in white

She wanted an outfit that said, "I'm not a slut, but I'm not a virgin either."

7. Hot Mexican girl - actress or "actriz"

She could be "faking it" -- it's what she does for a living :)

8. Hot Mexican girl in short white shorts

If you've ever seen a Latina dance, you would know why this picture is cool.

9. Hot Mexican girl -- weather girl

Weather girl -- is it just me, or is it getting "hot" in here? I'm sooo punny! I crack myself up!

10. Hot Mexican girl -- your mom playing tennis

Didn't know that your Mom plays tennis? Well, there's a lot about your Mom that you didn't know.

Most of the rest of it's pretty boring though.

Well, that's the end of it -- my tribute to hot Mexican girls. Of course, many of these girls probably aren't Mexican (i.e. from Mexico), but I don't care. In any case, this page will generate probably 10x the hits of any serious article that I write. It's the way that the world works, and if you can't beat them, join them as the saying goes.

Vote below on which Mexican girl you think is the hottest.

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8th Continent Soymilk/Dickhead

I thought that all of the mothers of the world (but not the accursed "mommy bloggers" :) ) would appreciate this video. I remember doing almost the exact same thing that the little girl did.

This video is so true! Little kids love to repeat swear words that they hear from adults. I think I even used to teach my nephew swear words when I was a teenager. The mother in the video should have taught her little girl to flip people off though, so that she could have flipped off the other mother.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update on Hurrican Alex - Monterrey Mexico

It appears that the border crossing is still closed for the Nuevo Lardedo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico to Laredo, Texas, United States -- the main cargo crossing between the United States and Mexico and the border crossing that serves most of the traffic coming to the United States from Monterrey, Mexico. From my "sources" (i.e. friends) who live in the area, it appears that the border crossing is still closed. The property damage to Monterrey and the surrounding towns was pretty severe from what my friends tell me; lots of shops and businesses are still closed. I've included an additional video of the hurricane damage to go along with the video that I initially posted. This one looks like it was taken at a football stadium or something.

For more information, I've included some links at the bottom of the post.

Mexico Floods Shut Busiest U.S. Cargo Crossing, Creating Logjam

U.S. government report on closed Laredo-Nuevo Laredo border crossing

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Thoughts on "mommy bloggers"

Photo of Biologist/Blogger Christie WilcoxImage via Wikipedia
First, let me link to the original story I was posting about.  

Story about "mommy bloggers"

I've seen that style of writing before. It's the style of writing of every "mommy blogger" on the internet. It's very popular with other "mommy bloggers", mostly because the first "mommy blogger" explains all of the funny anecdotes about her life -- her kids throwing up on her, her husband spilling the dish soap, her neighbors dog barking all night, her life falling apart because she goes insane from "postpartum depression" -- with which the second group of "mommy bloggers" will ultimately sympathize and read, and reread, because what else are they supposed to do while their kids are in school and their husband is at work. Eventually, when the first "mommy blogger" gets enough of the second group of "mommy bloggers" to sympathize with her and start following her blog, she'll become famous, just like this chick did. It's an easy formula for success.

Unfortunately, the reality of blogs like this one is that the writing style stinks (lots of grammatical errors and off-topic filler material), the topics are inane (i.e. her kids), and the whole thing smacks of people who have too much time on their hands.

Hot Mom:

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D Cimber Flicks - Halo By Beyonce ( cover )

Natasha Bedingfield in the 2006 Red Dress Coll...Image via Wikipedia
So, one of the great parts about blogging is that I get to recommend aspiring new artists to my readers. Here are a couple of girls from Trinidad and Tobago on Youtube that do some covers of songs. I think the name that they use on there is "D Cimber Flick" (what that means I have no idea). The first video that I'm including from them is a cover of Beyonce's Halo. They actually sing it quite well. I'm particularly impressed with how well they hit the high notes for the song. Are these girls going to be the next Youtube sensation? I'll let you decide!

Halo by Beyonce cover:

This video is also quite good, especially the chorus.

Say it Right by Nelly Furtado cover:

Finally, another good cover, especially on the chorus:

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield cover:

Leave some comments and tell me what you think of D Cimber Flick and their covers of Beyonce, Nelly Furtado, and Natasha Bedingfield.
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quantum Tunneling -- "Impossible Physics"

The Quantum Activist poster, I am getting this...Image by Alin S via Flickr
Have you ever stood next to a wall and suddenly appeared on the other side? Impossible right? Wrong! In the world of quantum mechanics, this, like many other strange phenomena, are possible and even ordinary. To learn more about tunneling in quantum mechanics, click to watch the video below.

The understanding of quantum mechanics represents a huge triumph of modern physics and physicists and has largely shaped the world in which we live. Most modern electronics are heavily dependent on tunneling for their successful operation, and, without quantum tunneling, most of our electronic devices would cease to function.

If you're disturbed by quantum mechanics and the idea that a subatomic particle could have a probability cloud associated with its position, consider the alternative. If the position of an electron was exactly defined for all positions at all times, then the electron would either a) be made of smaller particles (which doesn't appear to be the case from experimental evidence) or b) be a "singularity", which would bring along it's own set of problems.

Hotty Physics Girl:

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Guinea Worm: Countdown to Zero

Sudanese boys using pipe filters to avoid cont...Image via Wikipedia
I love to see videos like this one on Youtube - people helping people to erradicate the Guinea worm in Africa, a rare parasite that can cripple infected people. I think that the truest form of Christianity is for people to help the sick, the poor, and the weak.

Cute African-American girl:

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Thoughts on Illegal Immigration -

LAREDO, TX - AUGUST 07:  An illegal immigrant ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
 I posted this as a good natured jab at some of the strange dichotomies that exist for members of the Mormon church (my faith as well) when it comes to illegal immigration. Here is the text.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Funny Or Die Not Funny: Lindsay Lohan

Yet another example of a Funny or Die video that's not funny, at all. This one is about Lindsay Lohan supposedly seeking love on Let me discuss some of the problems with this video.

First, girls like Lindsay Lohan don't need to find people to date. Lindsay could walk into a bar tomorrow (assuming she's not in jail) and have 10 guys hitting on her. It would be 60, except for the fact that she looks like she's 45 in the face (-20), probably has syphilis, chlamydia, and a couple of STD's previously only known in Malaysia (-15), is probably drunk and stoned enough to be vomiting on the floor (-10), and is only interested in hitting on girls (-5). Still, at least 10 guys in that bar would want to take Lindsay to bed, if only to score a crappy book deal worth 10K or so afterward.

Lindsay Lohan looking like a crack whore:

Second, everything that she says in the video to supposedly be a "parody" of herself is basically true. Lindsay Lohan is "a crazy redhead", is an "alcoholic in the state of Califonia" (and every other state, for that matter), and probably would "crash your car". If Lindsay wasn't Hollywood's and Perez Hilton's little darling (likely meaning that she's slept with a lot of producers and has pictures to prove it), she would probably be in jail, homeless, or a fetish slave to some dyke (Lindsay, that is). Instead, Lindsay can make a Youtube video, laughing about how much of a loser she is.

Instead of coddling idiots like Lindsay Lohan, Americans need to take her, and the rest of Hollywood and their bull crap, to task for subjecting us to this level of stupidity.

Lindsay Lohan when she was still pretty:

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Funny or Die not funny?

Rashida Jones at the Austin, TX premiere of I ...Image via Wikipedia
Is it just me, or are the "funny or die" Youtube videos not very funny? I found this one the other day with Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones (I have no idea who the latter one is) making a tribute to . . . chickens? It's one of these videos that reminds me of a sketch from a slow night on one of the late night shows, like Jimmy Kimmel, Dave Letterman, of Jimmy Kimmel. The Youtube video is supposed to be funny and you could force yourself to laugh over it, but it's not something that you would post on Facebook or Google search later.

In another note, Hollywood and the mainstream media do this all the time. They turn out sketches or satire articles that are supposed to be funny, but they're not. Take a recent article from about gays in the military as another example. Cutting through all of the bull crap and Onion gay bias, the basic assumption of the article is that, if you oppose gay anything, you're basically a closet gay. By the same token, if you opposed Christian anything, are you a closet Christian? If you dislike rap music, are you a closet rapper? More importantly, when most people read it that aren't gay (and yes, most people aren't), then you run into a situation where they're not laughing at the jokes in the article. However, Hollywood doesn't care, and they keep printing crap that most Americans wouldn't find funny, wouldn't share with friends, and most likely feel like they've been gay raped for even having read or watched in the first place.

Natalie Portman: 

The saddest part about all this is that there are genuinely funny videos on Youtube, like this parody of a American Psycho with a Mexican that I found. People need to start sharing these types of articles, instead of just parroting out crap from Hollywood.

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Salt Lake City - Salons- Jasmine H20

My wife got her eyebrows waxed in H20 salon in Salt Lake City, Utah today, and she met a very nice stylist with a Youtube channel. The stylist's name, Jasmine, also happens to have a Youtube channel where she shares tutorials about fashion, style, outfits, and general beauty tips. According to my wife, Jasmine was very nice, and she did a great job with the waxing -- all for 15 dollars. So, I'd give her a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

I thought that I would repost some of Jasmine's videos and give her some free advertising. Enjoy!

This one is about outfits made from clothes bought in Las Vegas:

Another outfit and fashion tutorial:

Outfit of the day:

If you want to know more about the H20 Salon, click here.  If you want to learn more about Jasmine, visit her Youtube channel or blog. Also, if you have any more tips about good salons (in SLC or elsewhere), leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Funny Tweets from Twitter

Why won't people just publish the truth on Twitter? It's so much funnier! Here are some awesome tweets from that hated enemy, Twitter.

"I Tweeted a girl and she liked it! I Tweeted your mom too -- twice."

"Why did Evan Williams cross the road? A: So that he could waste the world's time shouting boring, personal information to the passing cars."

"You love Kate Gosselin or you have "made love" to her? A lot of people can say the latter, not many the former."
You're gonna need "plus 8" to date Kate Gosselin. Her vagina has passed more kids than a playground slide. 

Kate Gosselin -- so much of a horse face that you want to giver her a carrot and lump of sugar.

Kate Gosselin: Be truthful, who knows the names of all eight of her kids? Hint: sleepy, dopey, and bashful aren't correct answers.

Time to wake up and tell people about your empty life via Twitter.

Kate Gosselin -- evidence that every trailer park girl can grow up and have her own T.V. show!

Kate Gosselin -- maybe if I tweet empty suck up comments about her, I'll get them retweeted up too!

Kate Gosselin -- when a white girl has 8 kids, they make a T.V. show. When a Mexican girl does, they complain about the welfare system.

Kate Gosselin & DJ Keemstar dating? I'm dating the fat girl down the street? Why do people care about one and not the other?

KateGossilin I never watched your show, think you have too many kids, and can't believe the kind of jerk you used to sleep with.

Kate Gosselin: who cares, who cares, who cares, . . . infinity + 1.

If you follow people b/c they have a picture of a cute girl in their profile #thatsaproblem b/c it's actually a 45 year old dude.

If you use Twitter for reasons other than boredom or to spam out links #thatsaproblem b/c it means that you have no life!

#thistweetisdedicated2 #thatsaproblem The internet: the only place where you get Loled for making fun of Jesus but banned for Evan Williams

#thistweetisdedicated2 #thatsaproblem Is Evan Williams gay? The world may never know!

If you use Twitter as a dating service #thatsaproblem because it's evenly divided between spambots, pornbots, and 12 month inactive tweeters

If you follow celebrities on Twitter #ThatsAProblem b/c they don't follow you, don't care about you, and have staffers write their Tweets.

If you spend more than 1 hour per year on Twitter #thatsaproblem because it show your lack of social skills and social life.

Twitter: the retarded, ugly, slutty, gay-loving, product-of-an-incestuous-relationship, step-sister of Facebook.

When is the last time you had someone click on a link you tweeted? That's how much they care!

Take two parts pornographer, one part spammer, 30 million lonely people, and programmers with too much time and what do you get? A: Twitter

Evan Williams: Nobody ever thought the world could produce something more irrelevant than a chat room. You proved them wrong!

Twitter == Friendster in 5 years time. Never heard of Friendster? Exactly my point!

Even if you're cool on Twitter, you're still lame in real life.

Twitter auto-follow software and anti-spam software: sold from the same business based in Canton, Ohio! Thanks, Twitter!

That hot picture? A: Your Mom 20 years ago. The person behind it? A: Your Dad trolling for 15 year old boys. Ain't Twitter great?

I spit on the grave of the grandmother of the creators of Twitter!

Block my account, eh Twitter? Well, flock you!

Twitter is for h0rny guys and marketers with profiles with a pic of a cute girl looking to spam them.

twitter is for jerks with no life who want people to care about what they do.

I hate Twitter more than I hate green bean casserole, and I hate green bean casserole.

Twitter management == Na$i stooges.

I hate the people managing Twitter. I believe that they're closet Republicans.                             

 Hot Twitter Girl:

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