Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Stormed Her Dungeons, Slew Her Dragons .... Sexually!

Here is a Facebook conversation that I found not too long ago on Reddit. It's two people having a conversation about different metaphors for "plundering a woman's treasure" ... sexually. The fourmodes are medieval, pirate, Tiger Woods, and TV show. Enjoy!

Plundering girls' booty treasure ... sexually!

And for those of you who insist on a picture each time ... here is a sexy pirate girl.

Sexy Pirate Girl

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Filipino Traffic Cop Doing His Job Like A Boss

This is a video that has been floating around the internets for a while, but it's still a good one. It's a traffic cop in the Philippines that is dancing while directing traffic.

I say that, if you have a crap job, at least try to do that job outside of the box.

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Storm Trooper Fired -- Those WERE The Droids You Were Looking For!

The poor storm troopers. A mistake and some Jedi mind trickery ended up costing him his job at the empirial corporation.

Fired! As it turns out, those were the droids you were looking for.

Maybe Starbucks is hiring.
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Chuck Norris: Causing The Surrender of Nazi Germany?

Did Chuck Norris cause the surrender of Nazi Germany? At first blush, I would say no. However, the following picture makes a pretty convincing case for it.

Chuck Norris: Causing The Surrender of Nazi Germany?

Coincidence? I think not as well.
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The Morning After SEX (feat. Jenna Marbles)

Have you ever wondered what the perfect follow up to a one night stand would be? In this video, popular Youtube personality Jenna Marbles shows us what heaven can really be like in this video called "The Morning After".

If I had a one nighter with a girl as pretty as Jenna (or Jenna ;) ) and she turned out to be like that, I would be pretty amazed as well.
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Wedding Photographer Meme: What I Really Do

I found yet another of the popular six picture memes gracing the internet these days, this time about wedding photographers. The six captions are: "What my friends think I do", "What my mom thinks I do", "What society thinks I do", "What brides think I do", "What I think I do", and "What I really do".

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The List of People Who Cared about Whitney Houston Before She Died

Below, I have found a comprehensive list of all the people who cared about Whitney Houston in the 5 years leading up to her death.

The list of everyone who cared about Whitney Houston leading up her death

I was surprised that I could fit such an extensive list on my blog!
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Studying With Friends Meme: Expectation vs. Reality

Here is another cool meme I found in the category of "Studying with friends". The two captions are "Expectation" and "Reality".

Studying with friends meme: expectation vs. reality.

If you like these types of memes, just let me know and I will try to post more.
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Super Mario Bros: Chuck Norris Style!

Want to know what happens when Chuck Norris enters the world of Mario and Nintendo? Well, watch the next gif to find out!

Chuck Norris + Mario = Death to Gumbas!
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Classroom Lecture Fail -- Porn from Previous Night

What is about the worst way as a professor to earn the respect of your class? Accidentally start out a lecture by having a porn site from the previous night of "research" pop up on your computer screen.

Classroom Lecture Fail -- Porn from Previous Night

In the internet age, people just don't live things like that down.

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What Happens in The Shower -- A Pie Chart Approach

The following is a pie chart explaining exactly what happens in the shower for most people. The two categories are "washing" and "winning fake arguments".

I think that the problem isn't when you have fake arguments in the shower but when you have REAL arguments with fake people ...

Also, where is sex on this chart. After all, everyone knows that happens like ... 50 times per day for me ... yeah. That, and I can kick a football to the moon!
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Stripper Meme: What I Actually Do

I found this sexy, and funny, meme not too long ago. It's about strippers and what they actually do. The six categories are: "What my friends think I do", "What my family thinks I do", "What my clients think I do", "What society thinks I do", "What my religious leaders think I do", and "What I actually do". I think it's hilarious that all of the pictures except for the religious leader picture are the same and have the girl hugging a pole! What ... religious people are clueless? No way!

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Naked robber chased by police dog

I am not sure what my favorite part of the next video is. It's a toss up between the hilarity of seeing a naked man running down the street in the middle of a crowded city or the dead pan voice with which the British man narrates the whole circus.

Leave a comment and tell me your favorite part of the video below.
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15 Million People Dead -- But One Horse Lives

In the recent movie War Horse, the entire plot centers around the premise that somehow, in the midst of incredible human suffering, the survival of this idiot kid's horse that is commissioned for war is somehow important. In fact, it's not.

15 million died but one horse lived!

So, in fact, as the poster says, "15 million people died in WWI, but it's okay because a horse lives!"

Or, maybe the 15 million people died BECAUSE of the horse. Maybe there is a really deranged god up there somewhere that is effectively messing with our minds and killing people to save horses.

Did you ever think of that?
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

What'd You Say About My Momma Cat?!

This next gif is exactly why you don't talk bad about the momma cat. If you're a little dog, you're likely to get your clock cleaned.

Who's your daddy?

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Oscars Crap -- 2012

#Oscars 2012

This year’s Oscars had one large point in its favor right from the beginning; the host was not Anne Hathaway or James Franco. Having Billy Crystal back has been a high point even if some of his bits and jokes have gone flat. Cirque du Soleil was a definite high point as well.

Low points have been plentiful. From Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz trying to act cute to Bradley Cooper’s want-a-be-if-it-was-lucky porn star mustache the lows have dominated the whole show. The so called jokes and bits have been stilted at every turn and the self-aggrandizement has been abundant.

Also why cut the microphone on the winners so we can hear about Adam Sandler’s thing for Sean Connery’s chest hair? Why would you include Steve Jobs in the In Memorium when his name was not associated with movies at all and the washed out photos were not flattering at all to the people. Also the lady singing with the “fro” through it all would be a bitch to sit behind at the movies.

Brad Pitt looks like a homeless man. Angelina Jolie looks like a skeleton with skin. Will Ferrell and Zach Ger-funken-whatever-his-name-is need to die … or at least get run over by a train and consigned to a convalescence home.

As for Nick Nolte, I can just imagine what’s going through his head right now: “Where am I? What am I doing here? Who are you people? Why is everyone clapping? Am I dead? Am I in hell?”

Meryl Streep – no one believes your false humility. We all know that you’re a prima donna in your real life.

The Artist won though for Best Picture, and that made my night.
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Types of Robbers: Amateur vs. Professional

Amateur robbers use a gun. Professional robbers use a contract. Enough said.

Robbers Amateur vs. Professional

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Chocolate Egg Prank: How to Induce Vomiting

I found this picture tutorial of how to induce vomiting by using a real egg posing as a chocolate egg. Would I actually use this prank in real life? Probably not. Will I post this picture tutorial of the prank for someone else to use? Well, here it is below.

Chocolate Covered Egg Prank
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paying Estimated Bills with Estimated Money

Have you ever wanted to stick it to the utility company for giving you a bill with your "estimated" usage in it -- especially when they overcharge you? Well, try paying them in estimated (Monopoly) money!

Estimated Bill? Use Estimated Money!

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Angry Cat vs. Angry Birds

I found another version of the Angry Cat vs. Angry Birds photo on Flickr that I wanted to share.

Angry Birds vs Angry Cats
Angry Cat vs. Angry Birds

Angry Birds vs Angry Cats
Angry Cat vs. Angry Birds

Both photos are courtesy of

Cute, no?
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Tree Swing Meme: What the Customer Really Wanted

Back by popular demand -- more meme madness! This time, the meme is about engineering a tire swing and what the customer really wanted. The six captions are: "As proposed by the project sponsor", "As specified in the project request", "As designed by the senior architect", "As produced by the engineers", "As installed at the user's site", and "What the customer really wanted". Interestingly, none of the six categories look the same.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Piglet: If He Were a Guest Star on Jackass

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Piglet were a guest star on the popular television series Jackass. I think this cartoon gives us a pretty good idea of exactly what would happen to poor Piglet.

If you feel sorry for Piglet, leave a comment below.
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You Never Realize What You Have Until It's Gone ... Like Toilet Paper

I found this picture on my Facebook wall today, and I had to share it. The caption in the picture reads: "You Never Realize What You Have Till it's gone ... toilet paper is a good example." Awesome meme!

You Never Realize What You Have Until It's Gone ... Like Toilet Paper

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Weed Smokers Meme: What I Really Do

I found yet another meme, this time about weed smokers. The six categories are: "What my friends think I do", "What society thinks I do", "What my parents think I do", "What my neighbors think I do", "What I think I do", and "What I really do".  I need to send this to Tommy Chong.

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Angry Cats Looking for Angry Birds!

Angry birds: meet Angry Cats!

Angry Cats Looking for Angry Birds

The cats are cuter.

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Disney's Aladdin is a Moron!

Poor genie from Aladdin! You would think that, being a great guy and all, Aladdin could use some common sense when wishing for things, instead of royally screwing them up, as in this next clip.

Aladdin, why won't you let him die?
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sh*t fat guys say

Ever wondered what kinds of things that fat guys say in life? Well, wonder no more! This next video is full of different things that fat guys say.

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