Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cat Chills on Couch and Watches Slayer

I have to say that this is one cool cat! Check out this cool video of a cat that is leaning back on the sofa, chilling to a music video of Slayer. It's both cute and funny.

Slacker Cat Watches Slayer - Watch more Funny Videos

I think that this video goes on to define a whole new meaning for the phrase "cool cat". This cat is about as cool as they come!

From my experiences of having cats as pets when I was younger, I realized that ever cat out there is different. All of them have different personalities, just like humans do. Some cats love to run and play all day, some like to explore places, and some -- like this character -- like to veg out in front of the tube and check out music videos.

I guess it just depends on what the cat drags in.
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