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Top 5 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models of All Time

Sports Illustrated 2009 iPhone applicationImage by cattias.photos via Flickr
I have aggregated a list of the top 5 swimsuit models ever to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated. I hope you appreciate the grueling and thankless work that I've put into compiling this list. I have to tell you that it was ... erm ... difficult to look at so many beautiful models in a row. I kept saying to myself, "No, please, not another beautiful girl. I just can't look at another one. It's soooo painful! Please God, make it stop."

1. Cindy Crawford:


The name of this swimsuit model has become almost synonymous with beauty. It's almost a cliche at this point to say that, "She's no Cindy Crawford, but ..." Even though she's a lot older now, she's still a beautiful woman. In her prime, she was amazing.  

2. Christie Brinkley:


I really debated whether to put Christie or Cindy first on the list, and I chose the latter only because of the name recognition. In terms of blonde bombshells, Christie was about as beautiful as they come and still a major cougar.

3. Rebecca Romijn:

She is another of my favorites -- sexy with a little bit of sass. I especially appreciate her winning smile and rocking hot figure -- plus her role as Mystique from X-men where she sports the blue paint look.

4. Heidi Klum:

To me, Heidi is the definition of sexy.What more can I say?

5. Tyra Banks:

Love her, hate her, or indifferent, it's hard to argue against including Tyra somewhere in this list. From her days on SI shoots to her time on America's Next Top Model (ANTM), she is a fine looking woman.

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