Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who's More Pro-Science, Republicans or Democrats? - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Check out this interesting analysis on which part is more pro-science in Washington D.C. -- the republicans or the democrats. The analysis is by Dr. Neil Tyson, and the answer may surprise you.

One of the interesting things that Dr. Tyson said during the video (paraphrasing) is that talk is cheap but money talks. I agree. However, one of the points that Tyson seems to have missed is that the congress also has a huge say in how the budget money is spent, much more so than even the president at times. When a Republican is in the White House, there tends to be a Democratic congress to balance that, and vice versa. So, I'm not so sure that it's easy to say that one party or the other supports/suppresses science when it comes to spending money.

In terms of rhetoric for or against science, there is a CLEAR winner.
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