Friday, March 30, 2012

So Many Ex-Girlfriend Porn Sites; So Little Time!

Isn't this the dilemna that we all face in life: a hot friend just had naked pictures of herself posted on an ex-girlfriend site, and we have no idea which one. Life just isn't fair at some levels.

Which Ex-Girlfriend Site Are You On?

Got It

Got It

Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney
 We just got t1 internet at my office and it’s made my job so much easier. I hated having to worry whether or not our internet was going to conk out at the most inconvenient moment and my boss took forever to actually listen to me about it. He and I butt heads a good bit and I spend a lot of time worrying about my job security, to tell you the truth. I feel like I’m a really good employee, too, so I don’t know why in the world I should have to. I guess it’s more about who kisses his you-know-what more and not who does the best quality of work at the end of the day. There are times I really feel like I’m just treading water here but it’s a job and I love all of my colleagues. I also get to really exercise my mind, too, which is great for me because I sometimes get bored easily if I’m not challenged enough when it comes to my work.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cat Jumps and Turns Out Ceiling Light With Paws

It's a kitty and a light. Enjoy!

YouTube Challenge - Hey Jimmy Kimmel I Unplugged the TV During the Game

Watch as Jimmy Kimmel has people turn off the Superbowl during a critical moment and then film the reaction of their friends.

It's hilarious yet disturbing.

Arachnophobia? Check Out This Pic

If you didn't have arachnophobia before, you might after checking out this picture. It's of a tarantula and it's little baby spiders. Creepy, no?

Tarantula + baby spiders

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The real meaning of MPH- The Original

How long does it take to go 80 miles if you're going 80 miles per hour? Well, this seemingly simple question has an apparently complicated explanation, as the blonde in the next video shows us.

I don't blame her. I blame the American education system.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

wrong mail

wrong mail

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

I keep getting strange mail in my box. It is the weirdest thing. Almost every week I get a random person’s name with my address sent to my house. It’s always like a bill, or credit card advertisement. I usually just write, “not at this address,” and stick it back in my box, but I think I’m going to start calling the companies to make sure someone isn’t using my address illegally, like an identity theft of some sorts. Today I got a cable bill with my address, but with the name Nancy Ford on it. I have no idea who that is! I’m going on to see if I can get to the bottom of why I would get that random bill in the mail today. I hope they have some answers for me because this is just the strangest thing, and it keeps happening. It’s not always Nancy Ford, either. It’s been over a dozen different baby names over the course of about 8 months. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Steak and BJ Day

I was unaware of this "holiday" until someone (a girl :D -- engaged though :( ) posted about it on Facebook. Apparently, as a corollary to Valentine's Day, which tends to be girl-centric, it is "Steak and BJ day". So, a girl is supposed to give her guy a nice steak to eat for dinner ... and some after dinner entertainment.

For the record, I will most likely be receiving neither this year. I received neither last year as well.

My caring female readers should correct this.

Other guys, however, seem to have had more success with the hard sell on this topic. 

Steak and BJ Day Success -- for someone else.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bill Maher: Interviews from Mississippi

Every so often, when I actually have hope for the future of the human race, videos like this destroy it for me. Watch and see interviews from the Bill Maher show with people from Mississippi.

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This is one of the coolest videos that I've seen in a long time. It's a guy that uses his finger to break the back window of a car. You have to see it to believe it.

There is some cool science going on here. I am pretty sure that part of it is the fact that he's using fireman gloves, which should transfer a lot more energy to the window during each tap, instead of allowing most of it to reflect back during the bounce. Beyond that, I'm not too sure what's going on in the internal structure of the window.
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Hogwarts: Puberty Sucks No Matter What

Just remember: at Hogwarts, puberty sucks for Harry Potter and crew no matter what.

Hogwarts: Puberty Sucks
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Cops Get Owned!!! - Epic Pee Prank

Just like the title says, watch as this brave but foolish individual "takes a pee" with a water bottle in front of police.

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My Support for Kony 2012

I just wanted to repost the #Kony2012 video to throw my support behind it as well. For those of you living on Mars for the past week or so, there has been a viral video -- a documentary -- circulating around the internet to try and bring Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony to justice for his crimes against humanity, which include the kidnapping of 30,000+ children.

Here is the original video:

Here is a meme about the video, featuring a character from Lord of the Rings:

One Does Not Simply Destabilize a Ugandan Warlord by Liking a Status

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Are You a Slut? Check the Flowchart

Here is a simple flowchart to determine if you're a slut, courtesy of

Basically, if you're a girl and you have sex for any other reason than procreation, Rush Limbaugh would probably say that you're a slut. Sorry girls.

Are you a slut flowchart -- courtesy of

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Smart Sheep Dog Finds Clever Way to Climb Fence

Watch as this clever little sheep dog climbs over this fence using the aid of a nearby cement post.

Clever sheep dog climbs fence
What a clever little sheep dog! Too cute!
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Troll Level 99 -- Are Those Real!?

Imagine that you're an attractive reporter and you're interviewing a hunky wrestler in your favorite low-cut dress. Out of the blue, the wrestler asks, "Can I touch them?" Typically, this is the fodder for a B-rate porno movie. However, this time the result is different.

Are those real?

Yes, those are real pearls. However, the girl seemed ... disappointed maybe?

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Taylor Swift is Ugly -- And I'm Fine With That

Selena GomezSelena Gomez (Image via
Listen. I am going to say something that will shock and dismay Taylor Swift's publicist. Taylor Swift is ugly.

And I'm okay with that. Seriously.

Not every girl in the world was cut out to be a super model. For every Kate Upton or Natalie Portman in the world, there are a lot more Drew Barrymores and Taylor Swifts out there. This is a fact that we should not only accept but embrace.

See, in order to be a good singer, not every girl has to be a sex symbol. Taylor is the perfect example of this. While she's not the ugliest girl I've ever seen in life, she's certainly no Selena Gomez. And even Selena is ... well ... cute, but certainly not going to be a supermodel any time soon either.

And that's okay as well.

I can enjoy their music without constantly thinking about how to get them into bed. I can enjoy them on the level of an artist, not on the level of a pinup girl.

For the record, here is a recent picture of Taylor Swift so that you can judge for yourself. Am I being too harsh on her looks?

Taylor Swift at the Beach

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Run You Fools -- a Dramatic Kitty's Plea!

The kitty is lost! But run, and save your selves, you fools!

Run you fools! I am lost!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Linappropriate -- A Study in Homoerotica

I know that the Linmania thing has died down in recent weeks, but I still wanted to share this funny video that I found on Youtube. In it, we have a fan who is very, very interested in the exploits of Jeremy Lin, much to the embarrassment of his wife.

So, is this fad destined to continue or die out? Only time will tell.
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Dogs Meme: What I Really Do

I found yet another cool meme, this time about dogs. The captions are: "What my owner thinks I do", "What the neighbor thinks I do", "What kids think I do", "What I want to do", "What I think I do", and "What I really do". Enjoy!

Dogs Meme: What I Really Do
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Facts I Have Learned from the Movies -- a Photo Tutorial

A lot of facts about life that I have learned from the movies are summarized in the following photo tutorial. Of course, real life doesn't work this way ... but wouldn't it be cool if it did?

Facts I Have Learned from the Movies -- a Photo Tutorial
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The ... Ahem ... Difference Between Cock and Pussy In America and Japan

This is the difference between cock and pussy in America and Japan. This post is clearly only talking about this in the context of lovable kitties and affable chickens and CANNOT BE INTERPRETED IN ANY OTHER WAY.

So, I'm glad that we cleared up that misunderstanding.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mitt Romney vs. Montgomery Burns: Who's Line Is It?

For this list, quotes from both Montgomery Burns (of The Simpsons fame) and Mitt Romney (2012 U. S. Republican presidential candidate) have been randomly arranged below. See if you can tell which quote belongs to which millionaire without peeking. I couldn't.

Mitt Romney vs. Montgomery Burns: Who's Line Is It Anyway?

 What score did you get? Leave your score in the comments below.
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Cocaine: World Championship Finals

Here is the final match-up for the Cocaine: World Championship Finals. It's Lindsay Lohan versus Charlie Sheen.

Cocaine: World Championship Finals

I'm now taking bets for the winner. Leave your pick in the comments below.
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Swimmers Meme: What I Actually Do

I found yet another six picture meme on the internet. This one is about swimmers. The six captions are: "What I think I do", "What my coach thinks I do", "What my mom thinks I do", "What my coach tells me to eat", "What I actually eat", "What I actually do".  It's not as good as some of the memes I've posted, but oh well.

Swimmers Meme: What I actually do
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Adorable: Kitty Hugging a Teddy Bear

I think that this gif wins this month's prize for most adorable. It's a gif of a kitty cat hugging a teddy bear.

Cat lovers of the world, unite!

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Twilight vs. Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings

Want to know the relative quality of the three franchises: Twilight vs. Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings? Well, just check out the comparison of the number of Oscars they've each won.

Enough. Said.

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A Diagram of Pen Sexuality

Whoop! Here it is: the world's first diagram of pens and their sexuality.

A Diagram of Pen Sexuality


 Two girls, one cap.
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Anne Frank -- Journal Entry from Mormon Heaven

I found this cool cartoon animation that I wanted to link to in a blog post. It's about Anne Frank and her acceptance into Mormon heaven after she was "baptized" into the Mormon church by proxy.

This is a truly awesome cartoon!
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