Monday, June 20, 2011

Giant Ant Colony -- Wonder of the World!

This study of a giant ant colony is truly amazing. Scientist poured a giant ant colony in Africa full of wet cement and then let it harden to discover the hidden structures of the ant colony universe. Watch and be amazed.

Giant Ant Colony is a World Wonder - Watch more Funny Videos

When the video started explaining the wonder of the giant ant colony in terms of things that humans can relate to, like the Great Wall of China, or the Pyramids, it really put things into perspective for me. Here, we have ants who toil away, all day every day, to build an underground home that is as magnificent as anything we humans can imagine -- relative to the ants' size. It is truly humbling to remember the small importance our species has on even a local scale compared to things like this ant colony. Amazing.
Ant Colony Optimization (Bradford Books)
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