Saturday, June 4, 2011

BYU dancer 'counseled' for showing too much skin on SYTYCD

A man and a woman performing a modern dance.Image via Wikipedia
BYU dancer 'counseled' for showing too much skin on SYTYCD (courtesy of Fox 13 Utah)

Talk about an overreaction! This competitor on So You Think You Can Dance was actually "counseled" by his church (the Mormons) after he wore a "skimpy" outfit to perform a modern dance piece. If contemporary dance is such a threat to BYU, maybe they should just put everyone in the university in burqa, lest the image of the human body offends their god/gods. The video clip is in the link (unable to embed, sorry).

It's instances like this where I think BYU gets its reputation for being a stodgy and overbearing school. Making sure that people don't drink or have extra-marital sex is one thing. Criticizing one of your student athletes for their costume during a competition is another. Every time I think that BYU can't get any lamer, they surprise me yet again.

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