Monday, June 20, 2011

Reason to Post to Blog Daily -- You're Not That Good

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I always hear this same controversy in the blogsphere: quality versus quantity. I just want to bring one fact to the attention of bloggers everywhere:

Your articles aren't good enough for you to only post once per week.

They probably aren't good enough for you to post only once per day.

Everyone thinks that other people's farts stink and theirs don't. Everyone thinks other people's writing stinks but they're the new Shakespeare. I have a different take: I know that my writing is nothing exceptional. That's why I post something AT LEAST twice per day.

See, my hope is that, in the midst of the mediocre stuff that I post, someone will find a jewel, something that they can use and forward to all of their friends. The more I write, the more chance I have of that happening.

Even if they don't find a jewel, I hope that they can at least find something useful enough to keep them coming back to my blog. That would be nice. But the idea that people should only write one post per week or even per month is just silly. Blog writers, with few exceptions, just aren't that good.

Even if someone was trying to follow the Shakespeare or Stephen King model, it's important to remember that even those accomplished writers put out a lot of crap in their day. For every Romeo and Juliet there was a Tristan and Isolde, or an equally forgettable play, buried somewhere beneath.

I will concede the point, however, that bloggers should write entries longer than two sentences and about things people want to read too. However, if you can't write a post more interesting to your audience everyday than, "Use Twitter. It's awesome!" of "The cat threw up on the carpet again.", maybe you should take up Pinochle instead.

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