Saturday, June 11, 2011

T-Mobile -- Angry Birds Live!

If you haven't seen the latest viral video from the T-Mobile advertising crew, check out this cool take on the popular video game "Angry Bird" where, instead of playing it on a computer, people are playing it using a live action setup -- including a real sling shot, Styrofoam blocks, and inflated exploding pigs.

I haven't really gotten into the game Angry Birds all that much, but I do know a few other people who love the game. I can't play it on my cell phone anyway because my phone is stuck back in the Dark Ages of technology -- from 2009 to be precise (and an earlier generation when I bought it). So, poor me.

But, I do have to give T-Mobile a lot of credit for videos like this one. They seem to have a good grasp on the pop culture pulse in America. A lot of their videos go viral, and all of them seem to be pretty well made (like they devote a lot of money to the effort). I think that the strategy will pay off for them in the long run because advertising like that found in the Angry Birds video is the wave of the future, or at least so I think.

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