Thursday, July 29, 2010

War on Sucky Twitter: Part 2

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All ten of my parallel accounts on Twitter were blocked yesterday. In case you didn't read my first post in the war on Twitter, I have been trying to 'wage war' on Twitter to bring them down and make people realize exactly how stupid they are. Failing that, I'm at least trying to find a way to make the idiotic service useful in promoting my blog on making money from it.

I guess that I more or less expected them to block my accounts at some point on Twitter. I didn't try very hard to hide the fact that I had parallel accounts. I created them with sequential throwaway emails that I created in Yahoo (keithb006 - keithb015), "tweeted" to all of the accounts at the same time using "Multitweet" (or something like that), and even had a link to this blog on ALL of the accounts. Still, I didn't think that they would ban the account THAT fast.

So, my thoughts on Twitter so far: Twitter sucks royally! Basically, Twitter has taken the idea of a chat room from the old days of the internet and expanded it out so that, instead of you shouting things out to 200 people that don't care, you can now shout things to millions that they don't care about! Makes you feel special, huh? Sucky!

I'll keep my readers updated on how my war on Twitter is going. I think that I"m going to try a combination of "backdoor" and "obnoxious spamming" tactics for the next part of my war against Twitter.

Just remember: Twitter sucks and I hate Twitter.

Cute cowgirl :

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  1. But do you like Cow Girl if she was on Twitter?

    I know how you feel about Twitter. I thought it's idiotic that people actually use it to tell their followers that they're stuck in traffic or on the toilet bowl.

    But I have to admit, I do have people coming to my blog from Twitter, so it's not all that bad.

  2. I do have them coming to my blog from Twitter too, but I guess I can't complain that much. Still they do suck. Their user interface is terrible, the idea is somewhat insipid (explain your life in 140 characters or less), and their treatment of customers is lacking.

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