Monday, July 19, 2010

BYU Parody of Old Spice - New Spice

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BYU humor video "New Spice" video -- a parody of the viral video "Old Spice" video where a BYU student is studying at the Harold B. Lee library. I've put the BYU New Spice video at the top and the original Old Spice Man video at the bottom for comparison. Do you think that the team from BYU did a good job with their parody?

The BYU New Spice

The Original Old Spice video:

As a note, the BYU video team does some really good work with advertising videos. I've already included one, the BYU Doritos guardian video on the website. If anyone knows of other videos by the BYU video team, please let me know.

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  1. I follow who ever i can, in the place i grew up as a teenager i had no clue.. to whom most of these people were(very sheltered), so as the years go on i discover who stands out.. usually i read up on bio's to get a life feel, and if something stands out i will reflect on it and use it in my own life. wasn't until my late teen did i discover some of my abilities to just retain information. TMI?



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