Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling Sick? Swallow some poop! I'm serious.

I was reading an interesting article in the New York Times today that was describing recent advancements in " bacteriotherap" -- literally the study of how to use bacteria to treat diseases. As it turns out, not all bacteria are bad for us. In fact, we have a lot of bacteria living inside of us -- so many that they outnumber our native cells about 10 to 1!

Also, having the right kinds of bacteria can be an important part of being healthy, just like having the wrong kind of bacteria can make us ill. The article goes on to explain the case of an unnamed patient who was actually cured from acute diarrhea by having a small fecal sample transferred to her from her healthy husband -- essentially eating his poop (well, not quite, but close enough for drama)!

Just remember folks: don't try this at home. Talk to your doctor.

The Link to the article below.

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  1. think ill stick with feeling sick

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