Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some thoughts on Mexico Drug Violence

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All too often, Americans tend to view the world through a very ethnocentric perspective and ignore the complexity of certain geopolitical problems, particularly the problems involving Mexico. Insatiable demand for drugs in the United States, combined with an ineffective prohibitionist approach, are the chief forces driving the drug trade and associated drug violence in Mexico, IMHO. The U. S. just got lucky this round because they managed to find an eager-to-please president in Mexico, who was willing to rip his country apart fighting the drug traffickers to appease political interests inside the U. S. I also think that this gravy train ends during the next presidential election, when a PRI candidate is likely to enter office. After that, I kind of see a more politically distant Mexico legalizing all drugs in all quantities and essentially "washing their hands" of the whole drug war. The U. S. can choose to do the same or continue to spend billions on this ridiculous politically convenient war against drugs that they're currently fighting.

Let people be responsible for their own actions, instead of trying to create a nanny state.
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