Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bambi and the original Twitter

Long before Twitter was associated with people spilling the unwanted details of their personal life around the web, Twitter and Twitter-pated meant something completely different -- the Disney movie Bambi!

I remember watching Bambi as a kid. I would feel bad every time the hunters/poachers shot Bambi's mother -- which was kind of ironic because I also went hunting with my Dad. I also used to eat lots of venison too!

I'm just curious where the creators of Twitter got the name for their service. The little bird that they have as their mascot even looks like something out of a Disney movie. This is what I remember Twitter for:

P.S. I basically just wanted to try out the new Zemanta gadget!

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  1. Did it work as you expected?

    --- Andraz from Zemanta

  2. My only problem with it was that it was kind of slow and made the page jump during the editing process. For example, I would be typing something and would try to hit "Return" and would end up having to wait several seconds (at times) before the cursor went to the next line. Other than that problem, I found it useful.



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