Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Salvo in my War on Twitter

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Twitter just banned all five of my accounts, and I'm mad! Sure, I was using them to spam my blog entries out the known world, ear raping the Twitter users of the world. True I was "aggressively adding" followers to further this purpose, usually at the rate of about 100 or so per day. And, admittedly, if I could, I would force Twitter into bankruptcy, force Evan Williams (its creator) into bankruptcy and early suicide, and dance on his grave while making a whore out of his wife and/or gay lover, but . . .

They were my accounts!!!

So, now war has been declared against the evil empire is and (soon) was.

Be afraid, Twitter. Be very afraid.

My plan? I'm going to use Future Tweets to spam out dozens, nay hundred, nay thousands . . .

well, actually just dozens . . .

of messages per day to my Twitter account (yeah, yeah) will messages to humiliate and infuriate the Twitterverse. I will use my blog as backup to further spread my message to the ten people per week that visit my blog to read my articles and not to look at the soft core pictures of girls in bikinis I've posted or watch the Youtube video reposts I use for entries when I'm either bored or have writers block!

Either that, or I'll probably just get bored and start blogging about something else eventually.

So, consider yourself warned, Twitter. Me and my army of one are going to attack you relentlessly -- for at least the next hour or so -- and try to bring down your empire of spammers, lonely people, and people who quit tweeting 12 months ago but never cared enough to close their account.

And, if that doesn't work, I'll try voodoo!

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