Sunday, July 11, 2010

Welcome to all Twitter followers!

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I want to send out a warm welcome to all of my followers via Twitter! I appreciate you following me, and I hope that I'll be able to post some content that will keep you both entertained and coming back for more.

More about me: While I don't like to share a ton of personal information over the internet (sorry stalkers) I can tell you that I'm a college student in the United States. I have a wide array of interests (which is reflected in the wide breath of topics I post about), but I mostly like to stick to satire, cool videos from Youtube, interesting or funny stories, and a few pictures of cute girls thrown in to spice things up.

More about the blog: I see this blog as a form of recreation and as a place to meet interesting people and get some good feedback about different ideas and stories. One of my favorite things with this blog is to go to my Feedjit page (located at the bottom right corner of the blog) and to see who visits, what part of the world they're from, and how they found my blog. I think it's super cool to see someone from India, China, Africa, etc. on my blog, and I enjoy even more when they leave comments about the articles they read or the videos they watch.

What you can expect from me: I'm not really in this to make money (gave up on that a long time ago) so my readers don't have to worry about some things they might see from other blogspot blogs. I'm not going to spam you, try to sell you stuff (I don't like to spend money myself) or otherwise try to bilk you out of your hard earned cash. I also have moral standards, so I'm never going to post pictures or material I consider to be much worse than PG or maybe PG-13. By the way, a girl in a modest bikini is only about PG (in my book), and I still rarely post those pics.

If you enjoy this blog: Then please leave a comment! Tell your friends! Bring the neighbors if you want! Thanks!

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