Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Three Ways to Get More Blog Readers

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 With the website that my brother and I run for fun, I have about 50 visitors per day now. When we first started out, we were basically the only ones reading it. From what I've learned, if I had to do it over again, I would do these three things differently.

1. Publish more: When I first started out, I was publishing far too little, something like once per week. I've cured myself of that now. The top 100 blogs (as measured by Technorati) all publish at least once per day, with many of them publishing up to 10 times per day! The more you publish, the more chance you have of having content someone will like.

2. Social Media: If you're not using Facebook and Twitter to spread the message about your blog, you're missing out on potentially dozens or even hundreds of additional visitors to your website per day. I didn't realize this until very recently, and I missed out on having probably hundreds of additional visitors each day to my blog.

As a test of just how powerful this idea is, try the following experiment. Create a Twitter account, using whichever email you typically use to sign up for "spammy" type offers. Go to twitter, go to a popular "Tweeter" (Ashton Kutcher, for example), and click through until you see his followers. Then, click through and follow all of his followers, up to about 100-200 per day. Out of these followers, about 10-30% will "refollow" you. Out of the ones who "refollow", about 10-30% of those will become readers of your blog, especially if you set your blogspot posts to automatically "tweet out" to Twitter (which is easy to do). So, long story short,every time that you do this, you get about 1-6 readers for your blog. Cool, huh?

Note: Don't follow more than about 200 people per day, or you will be banned by Twitter. Guess how I found that one out . . .

3. Put your link out everywhere: Your page rank in Google depends on, among other things, how many links you have coming in from other websites to your website. So, you should get every website you can (but don't use link spamming sites) to link to your website or blog. It will have a dramatic impact on how high your page ranks in the Google search engine.

There are other tips and tricks (way too many of them for a single comment or blog post in fact), but that's enough for the avid blogger or small business owner to get started.
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