Sunday, August 1, 2010

Twitter in Real Life - a Parody

I found a funny video on Youtube of a Twitter parody that I think pretty well summarizes the way I feel about Twitter.

Just remember: Twitter sucks and I hate Twitter!

Hot Indonesian Girl:

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  1. good.. thing i don't twitter.. hehe. and i think your indo lady needs to put some clothes on! lol..
    *fishing was great! we went back today and i caught a lot, more so then usual..

  2. Yeah . . . I wouldn't actually post the pics of girls except the attract visitors via Google image search. Also, I'm a guy; so they are kind of cool.

  3. That's just too funny!

    Lately I've been getting friend requests from girls I don't know and it turns out they're just from porn sites.

    Nice to see that the porn industry is using social media so well!

  4. Indeed. It's hard to say though. Some of the "friends" are girls, others are porn.

    The difference for me is if the girl has either a 1) Myspace page 2) Youtube page or 3) Facebook page.

    Otherwise, yeah, probably a porn website.

  5. I'm wondering if i am gonna get a sexy ( man looking) indo lady to post on my blog! haha..

    least he/she has nice boobs!!

    I'm wondering if i should put a diclaimer on my comments! .. what a way to sell books huh?? to see this in a google search...

  6. Yeah, the girl does kind of resemble a man, at least in the face. However, people do Google image searches for this crap, and it accounts for about 2/3 of the traffic I get to the site.

    I don't like it, but it's the way the internet works.

  7. The girl mainly just has weird eyebrows. That's what makes her face so weird.



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