Friday, July 9, 2010

All Hail Lebron!

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LeBron James has been dethroned.

Ohio is rioting and burning him and his jerseys in effigy. The peasants are revolting and King James is fleeing town.

We saw from LeBron's televised self-love fest what he really thinks of his beloved Cleveland and Ohio. (We also saw that ESPN personalities will do anything short of french-kissing LeBron live on air in order to build up his celebrity).

But hey, Miami loves its new king. Although a name change is in order. After all it is LeBron's new domain . . .
How about LeBronami?
LeBron Beach?
LeBron's Florida playland?
I can envision the marketing possibilities now. And so can Nike. If you're reading this Phil Knight, those names are patent pending. Don't you forget it.

Who can blame King James? He migrated south for the winter like a bird and is making good on his goal to pile up as many endorsements . . er, I mean championships . . . as possible with new buddies Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.

Actually, I guess Chicago, New York, Cleveland and pretty much everyone who made the mistake of enduring LeBron's one-hour ESPN infomerical are pretty much steamed at this point.

ESPN will make sure we get a heavy dose of LeBron over the next while. Tune in for future LeBron LeSpecials this fall.

We'll see LeBron:
- sign his latest lucrative Nike LeContract.
- bask in the worship of his LeBrontourage.
- create and launch his own spinoff network: ESPNLeBron, devoted to 24/7 updates of the benevolent reign of King James.
- Watch with glee as a mob of minions clashes over a discarded gym towel thrown over the electrified fence of his newest mansion. The survivor gets the right to post this piece of LeBron in a LeShrine for the most devout LePilgrims everywhere.

Ain't it good to be king?

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