Sunday, July 11, 2010

Illegal immigrants going hungry -- Christians?

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Here is a link to a recent article about food aid being cut off to illegal immigrants in the state of Utah.

Illegal Immigrants Lose Food Aid

Here are my thoughts in response:

I'm all for playing semantics and political games (illegal immigration good/bad/indifferent) BUT THESE ARE PEOPLE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!

Imagine that somewhere a person- a living breathing human being- with thoughts, hopes and feelings similar to yours, is going hungry. This makes me sad, whether they're in the United States (or any other part of the world) legally or not.

Futhermore, as a Christian, I believe in the call to "clothe the naked, feed the hungry, etc.". I also don't recall an exemption from this call for people who crossed the border illegally. I believe in the call to alleviate human suffering. I'm not sure how people can truly say that they follow Christ if they DON'T practice and believe this, since most of his ministry (to me) was centered around love towards God and his fellow man.  

I am still sometimes amazed at how heartless people in this world can be towards the suffering of other people. Whether you believe that illegal immigration is right or wrong, I feel that we have the duty as human beings to alleviate suffering. What are some of your thoughts on the subject?

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  1. How sad that all this cruelty is going on and all because they dont happen to be legal in the U.S. We must really feed the hunger and do justice to all other wise we are provoking God and the U.S would suffer the consequences. The U.S claims to be funded under the grace of God, we must then act to that and be of service and love everyone regardless of their legal status.



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