Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some thoughts on Racism and Illegal Immigration

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Here were some thoughts I had in response to the story link above:

All of the racists are buzzing again, just like every time a story about Mexico, illegal immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, or pretty much anyone who is "non-white" (non-pink?) gets published on the internet.

To all racists: look, we all know that you have had your golden age for the last few hundred years or so. Europe developed early technologically, they invaded a few countries, took some slaves, stole resources from others, and generally had a few good laughs. But, times are changing now. The rest of the world, especially the countries seen as "non-white", are starting to catch up now. Even in your beloved United States, Latinos, blacks, Asians, even Muslims are starting to catch up to whites in terms of population, economic status, and political power. Whites should learn to be nicer to these groups, particularly to the "illegal immigrants" (i.e. desperately poor people who come to work to avoid starvation) because these groups will be in charge in 40 years.

Look, I know that change is hard. You're so used to walking out of the door and seeing only people who look, act, and think very similar to how you do in life. However, change is coming.

Pretty Latina Dancing:

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  1. Interesting post. I just wrote about this topic on my own blog and I have to say that not all of us who are against illegal immigration are racists.

    Some of us just want people to come into the U.S. legally, no matter what country they happen to call home.

    But thanks for sharing your thoughts. And the dancer, of course. ;-)

  2. I know that not all are racists. The post was meant to be somewhat satirical in nature. But, on a larger front, I think that racism and xenophobia are some of the root causes behind the "illegal immigration" crisis -- though I think that not all of the members individually are racist, by any means.

    As I said on your blog, I really believe that the root causes are that politicians use the crisis to manipulate popular sentiment to obscure other facts and things going on in the economy.

  3. Arguably for the reasons used to label Americans against illegal immigration as racist you could label all the immigrants as racist. After all it was they who choose to enter This country not us who choose to find them here illegally and insist they leave. So it becomes one more reason they should go, i.e. that they are racist.

    By the way I want to correct a misconception in the post. In the post columbian years more white Europeans were captured and turned into slaves in Africa then Africans were captured and turned into slaves in the Americas. I don't mean to burst the bubble you must surround yourself with to think ONLY the Europeans committed attrocities.

  4. You could label a lot of people as racist, I suppose. I originally labelled the Americans in the post as racist as a kind of "tounge-and-cheek" comment that I was leaving for one of the online news papers (I forget which one exactly) that I decided to republish on my blog. Unfortunately, in a system where two groups are racist and one group holds all of the political power, only one of the groups can act to harm the lives of the other group. Some Latinos are almost certainly racist too, but the political power is slanted so far in favor of whites in the country that it is hard to fell sorry for white people who feel that they're resented by the Latinos.

    After all, wouldn't the exchange go something like this:

    Illegal Immigrant: "White man, I think that you're a racist bato! I hate you!"

    White: "That's it! I'm going to take an extra long poop today so that you have to scrub the leftovers out of my toilet! Then I'm going to have the dog barf on the lawn so that you walk through it while you mow. After that, I'm going to call the INS on you."

    The one has the power to hate. The other has the power to hate AND make the immigrant's life miserable.

    As for the enslavement of tens of millions of whites in Africa at the hands of blacks, I must have missed that one in the history books. Admittedly, blacks at the time probably enslaved a lot of other blacks (at the time, slavery was an accepted part of society), but I never heard of many white people getting trapped in that.

    On a final note, I really did mean this to be a satirical post. It uses a lot of language that is very inexact.

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