Sunday, May 15, 2011

President Obama a Muslim? Osama Bin Laden Thought So!

Osama bin Laden thanks America for Barack Obam...Image by Zooomabooma via Flickr
Even though there has been a lot of buzz lately about Osama Bin Laden's porn stash in his compound in Pakistan, I think that the media is downplaying the most interesting fact learned from the raid: that Osama Bin Laden considered President Barack Obama a muslim. Watch the video below (or fast forward to 3:24 if you want to see the pertinent quote).

I especially like the disclaimer of, "Even though Barack Obama is a Christian . . .". Feeling the need to hide something possibly, eh news media? I mean, it's not like someone with the middle name Hussein who went to school in Indonesia for four years that offered religious instruction in Islam each day could POSSIBLY be mistaken by the Muslim world as one of their own. Nope, never.

So, carry on, President Osama . . .

Er, I mean, President Obama.
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