Saturday, May 14, 2011

Glenn Beck is a Big, Fat, Possibly Gay (?) Idiot

Glenn Beck is a Big, Fat, Possibly Gay (?) Idiot

by Guest Blogger

Meghan McCain dared to show her collarbone and a tiny bit of cleavage for a skin cancer PSA.  In response to this “naked” video, Glenn Beck pretended to vomit for several minutes.  The question for us at Future Twits is what seemingly heterosexual man would vomit over an attractive naked woman.  I don’t think Glenn Beck is gay and certainly the gay community would never want to claim him as their own.  The only other reason for his juvenile, elementary school behavior is that he is a male chauvinist pig.  Glenn Beck is an old, fat, ugly, stupid, lying, blowhard afraid that a woman might show a little bit of skin.  He found this PSA so scary at the thought of Meghan being naked.  I can think of an even scary scenario, Glenn Beck could have been naked.

 Here is a video of the Meghan McCain PSA announcement:

Here is the clip from the Glenn Beck show where he mocks Meghan over the PSA. Warning: some viewers might find this highly juvenile.

Here is the Meghan McCain response article and the John McCain response on CNN:

But, it's not like this is the only time Glenn Beck has shown misogyny towards a woman on his show. Take a gander at his "fail" with a beautiful swinger who was a guest on his show where he offers to take a picture of her naked. Yikes!!!

But, I guess we can't fault Glenn too much for this. I mean, after all, with his good looks and perfect body, maybe he just gets tired of everyone else being fat. I mean, just look at this sexy picture of Glenn:

Ladies: wouldn't you want to wake up next to this every morning?

So, in summary, Glenn Beck is a woman-hating, obese, obnoxious, piggish, possibly gay, sorry excuse for a human being.

Is anyone surprised?

Note: Sorry to our gay friends. Identifying Glenn Beck as possibly one of you is in no way meant to demean you. You are, on average, so much better than him -- and you have good fashion sense :)

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