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My Thoughts: Sex Trafficking of Americans: The Girls Next Door Politics:

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Sex Trafficking of Americans: The Girls Next Door Politics:

I read this article from Vanity Fair about sex trafficking in the United States (so called "white slavery") earlier today, and it made me realize truly how sick people are in this world. As humans, we are only a few million years removed from our primate ancestors. At times, I like to think that we have made incredible advancements in the world in terms of technology, science, ethics, and morality. However, when I read articles like this one, I think that we are closer to still being a sick little bunch of monkeys than anyone really cares to admit.

One of the things I also think about when I read articles like this is about the idea of a god/gods and eternal punishment. Personally, I don't think the evidence supports the idea that god/gods exist. However, if a god does exist, I can only hope that this god will punish the men who caused so much trauma to these girl in the article thoroughly. The men who abuse others like this need to be punished in hell for a long, long time.

This article further serves as a reinforcement of how depraved men who visit prostitutes actually are. I have never visited a prostitute (nor would I -- I don't need to pay for sex in life), but I used to think that the guys who did that were maybe just lonely and the girls with whom they were having sex were making good money. However, after reading the article, I realize that so called "Johns" who visit prostitutes are a bunch of sick and sexually deviant bastards, especially after the article said that as many as 80% of the girls who are prostitutes are there against their will. How on earth can one human do those types of things to another human being? Do these men have no self control in life?

Check out the Vanity Fair article and leave a comment about your thoughts on human sex trafficking.
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