Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top Ten Creationist Arguments

I found this cool video from TheThinkingAtheist channel on Youtube, and I thought that I would share it. It's basically a summary of the top 10 arguments in favor of creationism and why all of those arguments are laughably wrong. Enjoy.

I would just like to add a little commentary on a few of those points. First, I have actually been on religious message boards before where one or more posters emphasizes the first argument -- that carbon dating is too inaccurate to determine the age of the earth. Another popular argument on message boards is about the irreducible complexity of the eye. So, yes, these arguments do crop up a lot, at least in religious circles.

The argument that they didn't put in here that I was really expecting to see is the idea that dinosaur bones were put into the earth by Satan. I have heard this one a lot in my life too, and I really expected it to be in the video. Maybe it would be in the honorable mentions category?

Do you believe in creationism? Leave your thoughts below.
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