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Bin Laden's Son Cries Foul Over Father's Death

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Much like an annoying kid in the schoolyard who grabs away a basketball and heads home because he doesn't like how the game was being played, Osama Bin Laden's son doesn't want to play any longer.

Omar Bin Laden is crying foul after a crack team of Navy SEALS stormed his father's compound and executed the founder and leader of Al-Qaeda. It put an end to a decade-long manhunt for the terrorist mastermind behind the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that left thousands dead or injured. Millions welcomed the death of a man who caused untold pain and misery while using terrorism to gain traction for his warped view of Islam.

Omar was not one of them. The younger Bin Laden previously condemned his father's terrorist agenda. Apparently, though, he does not think the United States was justified in raiding Osama Bin Laden's compound and putting an end to his life right then and there.

In a statement released to the New York Times and other media outlets on Tuesday, Omar Bin Laden insisted his father deserved a trial according to international law. He and his brothers condemned the United States for executing his father rather than submitting him to a trial like former dictators Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosoevic.

"We maintain that arbitrary killing is not a solution to political problems and crime's adjudication as Justice must be seen to be done," the statement read.

Omar may not like his father's fate, but the fact is Osama Bin Laden chose his fate. He declared war on the United States. His bloodlust would not be satisfied until he had killed every man, woman and child in what he perceived to be an infidel nation. Keeping such an awful human being alive served no useful purpose. Why give him a platform like a public trial to rally additional supporters to his cause?

Instead of condemning the United States for taking appropriate actions on a terrorist leader who sowed the seeds for the current war in Afghanistan, maybe Omar should focus on condemning his father for destroying the lives of millions across the globe in the name of his terrorist agenda.

It would be a step in the right direction in repairing the damage done by Osama Bin Laden.
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