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How to Automatically Add 1000+ Followers Per Day on MySpace with IMarco Script

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I just thought that I would share with everyone a cool little trick that I found to add 1000+ followers per day on Myspace. Sure, I know that MySpace is old school and probably 80% of the accounts are inactive, but the website isn't dead by any means -- at least not yet. So, I thought I would share a quick post to tell my readers how to add 1000 plus people on MySpace, should they be so inclined. Honestly, I am being humble by claiming 1000 people per day. I have had days where I've added 10,000 people using this method. Here is the step-by-step method below:

1. Download the IMacros Add-on for Firefox: I believe that this script will work also if you have the full edition of IMacros, but I haven't checked that personally yet. The full version of IMacros requires you to pay after a 30 day free trial, and I think that software, like sex, is best when it's free :) So, I just downloaded the add-on, which I know is free.

To download the add-on, go to the IMacros add-on website and click the green download button. Follow the instructions on the website (and leave me a comment if you have any problems).

2. Run the following IMacros script: I wrote this simple little script to automatically add people. The link to the script is here. In case that doesn't work here is the text of the script:

To explain, the  first three lines of the script take you to the "People You May Know" section of the MySpace website. The fourth line selects all of the people on that page, the fifth line clicks the "Friend" button, and the sixth line selects "Ok" in the dialogue box that pops up to add the people as friends. The seventh line is to allow the MySpace website to send out friend requests to all of the people you just added before trying to load a new page. So, you can add edit the script if needed.

I am not sure why, but the add limits in MySpace are currently broken, meaning that you can get away with making copious amounts of friend requests per day. Even if MySpace ever fixes this glitch, you can still use it to add people up to the friend limit for the day.

Is MySpace dying? Maybe. Will MySpace eventually fix the glitch that allows someone to make friend requests like this? Almost certainly. However, for right now, this program program works, so enjoy :)

Here is a gratuitous shot of a pretty girl for you to enjoy:

Gratuitous Shot of a Pretty Girl

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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