Saturday, November 5, 2011

Should I Move to Edmonton Canada?

I was checking out the website about  Edmonton Apartments for rent recently, and now I have a strong desire to move to Edmonton Canada. Do you think that this is a wise idea?

One of the reasons that I want to move there is because of the Edmonton Oilers, part of the Canadian football league. I think that I would be a huge fan. I mean, with a name like the Edmonton Oilers, who wouldn't be a fan of this team?

Also, the Wikipedia page says that average daily temperatures range from -11.7C in January to 17.5C in July. This seems like a good range of temperatures to me. -12.2C in January would be a bit too low, but -11.7C seems just about right.

Finally, Edmonton is part of the North Saskatchewan River valley parks system. I just enjoy saying that name over and over again while I sleep. It's very enjoyable.

So, do you think that I should move to Edmonton? post your vote in the comments section of my blog.


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