Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is There Such a Thing as a BAD Lingerie Website?

I have been wondering the question in the title to this post as of late: is there really such a thing in this world as a BAD lingerie website? For example, take this little gem of a website that has valentines lingerie on it.

Just to look at the site, the first thing I notice is that the girls are beautiful. Well, I guess that goes with the territory, unless you had a site dedicated to lingerie for BBWs. In that case, I guess I would be tempted to gouge my own eyes out.

But, seriously, can you think of one example of a bad lingerie website? Can you give me one example of a site, selling lingerie, that has made the world a worse place to live? Lingerie sites bring so much happiness, so much joy to the lives of horny guys everywhere, that I don't think that you can. We guys need sites like this one, we can't live without them. I can live without food, I can live without water, I can live without air, I can even live without food, but I can't live without sites that sell sexy lingerie.

True story.


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