Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Birds IRL: UC Davis Chancellor Katehi walks to her car

#UCDavis If you were a chancellor at a school (UC Davis in this case) and the students did this to you, this would be about the right time to start questioning your job security.

In this video from November 2011, Chancellor Katehi of UC Davis is scene walking to her car while a huge mass of students stares on in complete silence. It's surreal in how strange the moment obviously is for the Chancellor.

As a bit of background, during an earlier peaceful protest as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, cops at UC Davis pepper sprayed several non-violent protesters. As head of the university, Katehi authorized the police presence at the protest and the removal of the protesters from the school grounds. The backlash by students, faculty, and the board of regents at the school towards Katehi for her decision was immediate and severe, with several sources calling for her resignation.

This protest was a way for the students to show displeasure with the actions of the cops in this incident.

Is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of a scene from The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock?

Bonus: Here is a video of the police pepper spraying the protesters.

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