Saturday, November 19, 2011

Have you ever been a victim of methadone withdrawal?

Have you ever been a victim of methadone withdrawal? Well, neither have I. But, if you ever have been a victim of methadone withdrawal, you live in the United Kingdom, and you want help, you should click on the link above.

On the website for the company linked above, they detail some methods for methadone detox. What these methods are and how effective they are, I really can't say -- mostly because I have never had nor needed methadone detox. However, I'm sure that for people needing this type of service, they have a better than placebo rate of effectiveness. And, even if they don't, I will probably never know the difference.

So, click on the link above to end up in the good hands and hearts of people that care about you and want to help. Or don't. Again, I will very likely never know the difference either way.

If the detox method does work, write a comment below to let me know. I might just take up methadone for the pleasure of being detoxed from it later.


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