Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coning + Cuping: Are Humans Devolving?

So, I found some videos on Youtube recently about what I guess are the newest internet fads: "coning" and "cuping". Have no idea what I'm talking about? Neither did I until earlier tonight (and arguably not even then ;). Basically, "coning" is where someone orders a cone in the drive through and proceeds to grab the wrong side of the cone when they grab it from the window. "Cupping" is where someone orders a cup of water from the drive through and, instead of grabbing the cup, crushes it on purpose so it sprays water everywhere. And here I though cupping was something you did with cute girls on the second date ...

Here are some funny examples I found of coning:

And some more examples of cuping:

And one where the guy just pretends to be retarded:

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