Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Impress a New Girlfriend: First Time at Your House

Not many people realize the impact that bringing a new girlfriend over to your house for the first time can have on a relationship. Far from being inconsequential, the experience can make or break a relationship on down the road (maybe). So, be sure to impress your girlfriend THE FIRST TIME you bring her to your house. Here are some tips:

1. Have a nice bed spread: Even though guys don't mind living like slobs (probably), girls notice little things like the comforter that's on your bed or the size of your change jar. With this in mind, consider trying something a little flamboyant, like polka dot bedding sets. If you impress her early with your bed spread, she won't mind spending time there down the road (unless she's secretly gay).

2. Decorate your bathroom: Another area of the house that is essential to impressing a new mate is the bathroom. Since women can spend practically hours a day in the bathroom, the more decoration that you put here, the better. Although traditional works well in this area, a purple bathroom is a nice surprise for any woman when she is scoping out her new love.

3. Have a snazzy rug: If you don't understand this one, don't worry -- most guys don't understand the importance of a nice rug to a woman. Whether on your billard ball head or on the floor of your home, every woman likes a nice rug much better than a bare floor, including a nice puzzle rug.

Lesson: make sure you have a nice house (and lots of money) to impress a new girlfriend.


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