Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sh*t Gamers Say To Their Girlfriends

I found this video on Youtube not too long ago, and it was so awesome that I just had to share it. It's a compilation of the types of sh*t that gamers will often say to their girlfriends.

I think that my favorite out of them is: "I'll be there in a minute. Just start by yourself." Many a hardcore gamer has passed on the joys of sex to finish a quest or beat a difficult level.

Of course, that's assuming that one can resist the charms of Rosanna Pansino -- the prettiest of the girls in the video. Here are a few pictures of Rosanna Pansino for you to enjoy.

No Rosanna Pansino, I want to be loud with you! ;)

Looking Good Rosanna!

So, what are your thoughts on the video? Do you have any horror stories about dating a gamer? Leave your comments below.

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