Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clint Eastwood: A Conformist Who Does Hypocrisy His Own Way

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Not too long ago, good old Clint Eastwood showed up in the news again. For those of you who (rightfully) may be somewhat unfamiliar with Clint, he is the actor who portrayed the culturally iconic policeman Dirty Harry in several movies during the 1970's -- a style of over-the-top movie that many cop dramas have tried to imitate since but few have succeeded.

In his latest dip into the public spotlight, he decided to come out in favor of America and American jobs -- a controversial as that position might be to take in life. He did this via some sort of shmuckity-schmuck Superbowl ad where he told Americans to "cowboy up" and make the nation great again. Again, way to take a stand against the grain there, Clint.

Somehow, I have a hard time taking Eastwood too seriously. Here is a guy that established his entire stardom on Spaghetti Westerns and detective movies full of gun violence. Yet, somehow, once he found his star in Hollywood, he decided to bite the hand that fed him and later renounce guns, violence, and the sensibilities most of the people that would be likely to watch his movies.

To me, this is rather like if Ron Jeremy deciding in his old age that he only approves of monogamous relationships or Donald Trump suddenly deciding that capitalism is evil. My thoughts in those situations would be very similar to this situation: sure, but why didn't you decide these things BEFORE you made your money?

Maybe Clint is sincere in his political viewpoints. Maybe he had a change of heart. But, just like Ricky Martin's timing of "coming out" AFTER he made his name as a female heart throb, the timing seems ... convenient.
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