Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston is Dead ... and Nobody Cares!

Whitney Houston: Crack is Whack

Whitney Houston died not too long ago. For those of you asking, "Who in the hell is Whitney Houston?" you're not alone. Even though I have heard -- I think -- a few of her songs, I've never been a big fan. No one that I personally know is a big fan of hers either.

And the songs that I heard left a lot to be desired.

Maybe it's because she was before my time, or maybe I just don't like caterwauling set to music, but I just couldn't seem to ever develop a taste for her style of ... I guess I could call it music. Either that, or someone was fortuitous enough to record the sound a cat makes when it crawls into the engine block of a car and gets stuck in the cooling fan and set that to music. That's also a distinct possibility.

I don't really remember her for anything she did offstage either. About the only things I remembered about her before consulting the god of this universe -- Wikipedia -- for additional light and knowledge on the matter was that she (allegedly) snorted a lot of coke and was with some abusive jerk husband for a long time. That's it.

Whitney Houston: Dies

After consulting Wikipedia, apparently she was the most decorated female artist of all time, and she was in the movie The Bodyguard. That's neat. I still didn't like her music. It was actually the track from that movie that I was thinking of when I was referencing the caterwauling from her songs.

Not only that, but I will be very, very interested to see the toxicology reports on this one. 

If her fans miss her, I guess that's too bad for them. Michael Jackson's fans similarly missed him, and I didn't care much there either. As for me, I think I'll sit this funeral out and have a beer instead.

What do you think? Did you like Whitney? Her music? Am I being a jerk?

Whitney Houston: Sexy

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