Tuesday, February 21, 2012

John Safran Atheist door knocking skit

If you've ever followed the comedy of John Safran, then you know that he's an atheist comedian extraordinaire. However, nothing gets his blood boiling -- and releases his comedic genius -- like a couple of Mormon missionaries waking him up on a Saturday afternoon.

His revenge? He decides to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah and give the Mormons a taste of their own medicine: by knocking on their doors and teaching them about the truth of Charles Darwin and atheism!

I think that my favorite part of the clip is when the guy says, "I'm a Mormon bishop." Like that's supposed to mean something to John Safran and crew.

But, Mormons aren't all bad. Here are a few sexy Mormon missionary girls for your enjoyment.

Mormon Muffin Girl: I want what she's baking.

Mormon Muffin Girl Collage

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