Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Weird and Messed Up Blog Traffic Patterns

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I just thought that I would write a blog entry with some observations about my weird and messed up blog traffic patterns. I have just been reading sites like Problogger to see if anyone else has these types of traffic patterns, but I haven't found any others. The problem?

In short, my traffic patterns are strange.

During a typical month, I will get something like 60% of my traffic from Google searches, 25% of my traffic from referring sites (mostly from Twitter accounts with a combined 60K followers), 10% from direct visits, and 5% from random other sources (like Digg, for example). Combined, I'm hitting a little over over 5K visitors per month. So, what's my complaint?

Out of all my traffic, I would say that less than about 5% actually goes to new posts.

When I post a new video, thought, or article, I am luck if I get a dozen people clicking on that article.

Most of my traffic goes straight to a bunch of picture compilations that I put up, with the posts with pictures of fat girls, pictures of Emma Sugiyama, and pictures of girls in skirts being the top three usually.

Now, I'm not complaining about traffic by any means. I just wish that more people would listen to what I have to say instead of just hitting my site for pictures.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any thoughts?
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