Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fat Girls Show off Baby Bump

Just like Natalie Portman, Melissa Rycroft, Kate Hudson, Jane Krakowsk, Pink, Laura Saltman, Jennifer Connelly, Rachel Zoe, Christina Applegate, Amy Poehler, and a whole bunch of other people you've never heard of who are Hollywood Stars, these fat chicks have decided to show off their baby bump to the world. Scroll down for pics.

As an aspiring nursing student at Stevens Hennigar and a part time Walmart stocker, this fat chick decided to strut her stuff on the red carpet and show off her emerging baby bump. "People as me all the time how I maintain my figure while pregnant," she reported. "I still get I.D.ed at bars."

Possibly the most anticipated pregnancy of the year comes from this fat girl, reportedly fathered by Tom Green. "I am so excited to be having a baby with Tom," the fat girl gushed. "The media exposure has been great for my career. I have already read three new scripts this month."

Another muffin topped girl having a baby was interviewed by Access Hollywood of Black Swan. "I just enjoy eating, okay? And, by the way, I AM NOT PREGNANT, YOU BASTARDS!"

And, a couple more gratuitous pics of fat girls.

Life is grand.

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  1. Depends on how fat . . .

    but, you're right. There's nothing wrong with them per se. I just might not want to date them :)

  2. And no one wants to date an asshole, asshole. :)

    That last girl is Beth Ditto. Y'all suck. Hard.

  3. @tits: Hell hath no rage like a fat woman scorned . . .

  4. Or a fat woman who dropped her doughnut . . .

  5. Or a fat woman tying her shoes . . .

  6. Or a fat woman walking up a flight of stairs . . .

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